Former Iowa SOS Candidate Deidre Dejear releases Videos Promoting Voter Registration

DES MOINES, IA — A new Super PAC started by Iowa community leaders (including former Democratic Senate Candidate Eddie Mauro) is today releasing a new video from former Democratic Iowa Secretary of State candidate Deidre Dejear.

Dejear, a Democrat and community leader in Des Moines, was the Democratic nominee for United States Senate in Iowa in 2018.

In the video Dejear says, “Voting is easy, but it doesn’t come at no cost.”

She continues, “Our democracy literally depends on people participating.”

In the video Dejear discusses how the right to vote is critical for people expressing their political opinions. She also discusses the history of the right to vote as one limited to white men who owned property while emphasizing how that makes it so important for people to recognize the power of voting – and to show up.