DES MOINES, Iowa — The organization No Justice, No Peace is preparing for voter intimidation on Election Day and the group is calling for calm.

Across the nation, several states like Texas and North Carolina have been fighting voter intimidation at the polls. 

Pastor Rob Johnson, the director of partnerships for No Justice, No Peace with New Frontier Action, said voter intimidation also exists in Iowa. Johnson said he experienced it this year while registering people to vote.

“He has a pretty distinct hat on which side he leans on. And he looks at my partner Alan and I and he says, ‘What are you boys doing here?’ And he specifically chose that intentional language because he wanted us to feel a certain type of way,” said Pastor Johnson.

Although the organization hopes Election Day is peaceful, they are planning to be a presence on Tuesday.

“We’re going to be talking to poll workers and evaluating and observing poll workers and getting feedback from folks. We’re going to be looking at social media and other media outlets to see what’s going on both the local and state level and the national level,” said Eddie Mauro, founding member and director of New Frontier Action.

If you plan to vote on Tuesday, the organization advises people to head to the polls in groups. They are also offering rides.