“Our past is bleak. Our future dim. But I am not reasonable. A reasonable man adjusts to his environment. An unreasonable man does not. All progress, therefore, depends on the unreasonable man. I prefer not to adjust to my environment. I refuse the prison of ‘I’ and choose the open spaces of ‘we’.”

Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize Winning Author

Have you made a plan to vote yet? Updated your voter registration? More here with Deidre Dejear.

Former Iowa Secretary of State Candidate and community leader Deidre Dejear spoke about the importance of voting and how critical it is.

We launched No Justice No Peace PAC on July 30th, 2020 and KCCI-News in Des Moines joined us to tell the story.

The Rev. Rob Johnson interviews Dr. Amos C. Brown of Third Baptist Church in San Francisco, CA.

A conversation with leaders of No Justice No Peace about Jacob Blake and what’s happening in Kenosha.

Rob Johnson is a pastor, community leader, mental health policy advocate, and Director of Partnerships.

Join us *LIVE* with Dr. Amos C. Brown at 7:00 PM CT with State Rep Ross Wilburn and Lonnie Dafney.